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Capella/Oomph Setup

This page collects information about the Oomph based capella development environment setup


The oomph based setup automatically:

  • Sets and updates the capella target platform
  • Clone, imports capella source code and organizes it into working sets
  • Sets capella code formatter preferences
  • Installs the required tools to generate the capella metamodel

The oomph setup for capella is not part of the official oomph project catalog, so you need to paste a link to it into the oomph project wizard page:

The url was recently updated to

A step-by-step video which is a bit outdated but still shows the overall process of running the setup is available here

Feel free to ask questions on the capella developer mailing list

What is the difference to Capella Studio?

Capella Studio uses the Capella Product as a base and installs capella development tools into it, i.e. EGF, Kitalpha VPDSL. The oomph based setup installs capella development tools into a development platform of your choice, e.g. the new Eclipse Oxygen.

When should I not use the Setup based environment?

The setup based environment does not install VPDSL tooling, so if you're into vpdsl development, you should either stick to Capella Studio, or install VPDSL manually.

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