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Some useful information about contributing to an Eclipse/Polarsys project here via GIT are availble here

in particular it is mandatory that you sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement.

By using

git clone https://<eclipse_ID>

you can clone the CHESS repository on your local machine and switch to the desired branch you want to contribute.

You can now perform any changes to the existing plugins, or create new ones; then you can commit the changes to your local repository. Important: please read carefully the information about the commit record available on the wiki.eclipse link above. If your contribution addresses a bug-enhancement request available on bugzilla, you can refer it in the commmit.

For instance, supposing you are pushing a contribution addressing bug n# 956 (; then

your commit record will be something like the following:

"[956] Failure analysis support

   some description here...
   Signed-off-by: your_name@... <your_name@...>"

Once you have committed, you can push the commit to the remote repository (managed by Gerrit) by using EGit (see the link above) or by using the command line:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/<egitbranch-name>

Once you have pushed your contribution to Gerrit, committer can analyze it, eventually propose clarifications and finally approve it.

if the contribution is more than 1000 lines of code and other sources, the contribution must be approved by the Eclipse project management team; a CHESS committer have to open a request for that. If you are interested you can take a look here

Then, when we will have the ok from the Eclipse team, a committer will be able to push your contribution to the Polarsys/CHESS git repository.

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