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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.


    • DSF
      • [done] Towards DSF/GDB feature parity with CDI/GDB
      • Clean integration into CDT coexisting with CDI
        • [in progress] Actions
        • [done] Launch
    • [omitted] Disassembly Editor
    • [done] Memory Rendering
    • Launch Wizard
    • TCF Debug
    • [omitted] Variable View detail formatter 237960.


  • Project Model/CModel
    • Extend the CModel to model build systems and build configurations
      • Provide extension mechanism for build systems to plug in
    • Eliminate the managed build somewhat-based project model
    • Hook up Configuration UI to these configurations
    • Allow for extensibility of Build settings UI to all build systems
  • Scanner Discovery
    • Rearchitect scanner discovery to remove gnu-isms, make it easier to extend, make it easier to understand
    • Fix storage of discovery info to make smaller
    • Create service API to simplify use of scanner discover by other build systems
    • Separate out compiler built-ins service
  • Managed Build
    • Enhance extensibility by allowing complete build definition in Java
    • Make it easy to extend tool chains with other, unrelated tools (like parser generators)
    • Fix storage to make smaller
  • Makefiles
    • Separate out management of Makefile
    • Editor
    • Pave way for Makefile parsing


    • Better Language Variant Support
    • Inactive code support (outline view)
    • C++0x planning
    • New New Parser
    • Indexer Heuristics for resolving includes


    • Rename in File

Bug fixing/improvements

    • Name Resolution
      • Templates, Implicit conversions/constructor, operator overloading
    • Refactoring

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