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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.



  • We have fixed a number of exceptions thrown by the indexer:

bug 166263, bug 164342, bug 162581, bug 156937, bug 156936, bug 167614, bug 165024, bug 164696, bug 162230.

  • The scanner has been improved:
    • Improved performance with large initilized arrays: bug 150906
    • Correct handling empty macros in includes: bug 156988
    • Scanner no longer incorrectly skips newlines: bug 157009
    • Offset no longer shifted after unresolved inlcude: bug 162180
    • Correct handling of '//*': bug 162214
    • Correct handling of null characters: bug 162381
    • Scanner no longer skips line after #pragma: bug 162410
  • The overall quality of the index has improved, yet there are still issues.


C/C++ Editor

  • Inactive code highlighting. Inactive lines of code, ie. lines which are excluded by conditional preprocessor directives are highlighted with a grey background. bug 81511
  • Smart editing features. A patch contributed by Sergey Prigogin (Google) adds some very handy smart editing features to the C/C++ Editor, e.g. automatic closing of braces and strings, smart paste, improved auto indentation, a Code Style Preference page, and much more. bug 148582
  • Default formatter. A default code formatter similar to JDT has been implemented including predefined profiles for the most popular coding styles. bug 95274
  • Text Drag and Drop. Text Drag and Drop has been implement for the C/C++ Editor. bug 78677
  • Show whitespace characters. This feature has been adopted by the Eclipse Platform. bug 22712
  • Semantic highlighting. Allows to colorize declarations, definitions and references of C/C++ elements: functions, variables, classes, etc. bug 140335
  • Folding improvements. Support for folding comments and preprocessor branches has been added.

Include Browser

  • The Include Browser is introduced as a new view. It visualize the include relations among files in a tree as proposed in bug 142149.
  • There is a known limitation: Includes accross projects cannot be shown at this time.

Call Hierarchy

  • The Call Hierarchy is introduced as a new view. It allows to explore call graphs by means of a tree as proposed in 48212.

Common Navigator

  • Common Navigator extensions. CDT content extensions for the Project Explorer based on the Common Navigator Framework have been implemented. This makes it possible to view JDT and CDT content in one view or to allow ISVs to contribute product specific content. bug 140337

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