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  • QNX: Doug, Dave I, Angelina, Elena, Alex
  • ARM: Mikhail K
  • Intel: Bill, Mikhail S
  • Wind River: Pawel
  • IBM: Jason, Chris, Vivian, Mike
  • Nokia: Ken
  • TI: Dobrin


CDT 4.0.1 - Doug reports that we have around 20 bugs left to fix with not a lot of time left. We also have around 100 additional ones that have been raised since 4.0 was released that do not have target milestones. Our deadline to make the Europa Fall Maintenance Release is Sept 26. Release candidates every Friday leading up til then, but every nightly build could be considered an RC.

CDT 4.0.2 and beyond - Given the churn in CDT 4.0 and the number of bugs still incoming, Doug proposes that we move to bimonthly maintenance releases. That would mean a 4.0.2 at the end of November and a 4.0.3 in February and maybe a 4.0.4 at the end of April. Positive feedback on this plan was received.

CDT Summit - A number of good agenda items were proposed. We will update the Summit wiki page with the list. Tuesday's evening social event will be with the Equinox gang at a place still yet to be determined. Wednesday evening will only be CDT as the Equinox summit wraps up on Wed. After the call the QNX gang bounced around some ideas so we'll take care of planning something fun.

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