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Attendees: Doug Schaefer, Markus Schorn, Norbett Ploett, Beth Tibbitts, Chris Recoskie, Mikhail K, Leo T, Mikhail S, Andrew F, Bala, Dave I, Rob Cecco, Vivian Kong, Jason Montojo, Mike Kucera, John Cortell, Ken Ryall

  • CDT 4.0 plan review
    • Add detail on milestone build cycle
    • Add target milestones to bugzilla
    • Add signed jars, pack200 as release deliverables
    • Is there a way we can better support the lesser used platforms
      • Something like a compute farm that we can access remotely
    • Need to define our APIs for M4.
      • list APIs, by package, fleshing who using what, move non-APIs to internal.
  • General agreement to merge mailing lists into cdt-dev
  • EclipseCon 2007
    • We have four proposals for the two Short Tutorial slots we have for the C/C++ track
    • I'll drop the one user focused proposal since we don't get many users to EclipseCon
    • We'll merge the remaining three in a way that makes sense

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