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  • Attendees: Doug (Wind River), Rob (IBM), Jeff (Red Hat), Marc (Erricson), Chris (IBM), Markus (Wind River), Ken (Nokia), James (Broadcom)
  • Regrets: Pawel (Wind River), Alena (QNX)
  • Minutes
    • Doug:
      • Anything outstanding on summit to talk about.
      • Componentization. Doug to send a note out for those not at conference. Break things down to ~16 components.
      • Galileo train (M4 December 17th):
    • Chris:
      • PTP 2.1 yesterday. Most of time for last 2 months.
      • New Project Wizard
      • Remote managed make => Project / Build model
      • Doug: work requirements into ideas on the project model.
    • JamesB:
      • CProjectDescriptionStorageWork (bug252966)
        • Attempt to untangle persistence from CProjectDescriptionManager
        • Sort out locking, concurrency, tests pass
        • Looking for code review and comments
    • Doug:
      • Requirements, know what toolchain was used to build the given executable.
      • Bugzilla to discuss project description.
      • Doug took core.model Doug / Chris / Alena will take a look at patches
    • Markus:
      • Handling bugs in 5.0 & 6.0
      • Nailing down template resolution stuff
    • Ken:
      • Carbide release just out the door
      • Checking bug fixes get into CDT proper
      • More CDT stuff
        • Executable view and
    • Mark:
      • Fixed a few bugs in DSF (contributions from Nokia)
    • HP:
      • Recruit some external teams to use CDT
    • Alena:
      • I am working on bug fixes for 5.0.2
      • Still no time to look at build model for 6.0
      • Updating cdt home page (still looking for ideas for improvements), cdt project metadata and wikis...
    • Pawel:
      • The DD 1.1 release is nearing completion this month. After it is out I would like to start the process of contributing its components to CDT
      • I've addressed a couple of bugs in Debug Platform which were blocking work I am planning in CDT:
        • Bug 212316 (Allow multiple debuggers to create breakpoints using the same edit.) - This will allow CDT users to create hardware breakpoints more conveniently. And it will allow non-CDT debugger integrations to use the CDT editor still.
        • Bug 229219 ( Track "debugContext" with the window evaluation context.) - This will allow CDT debugger contributed to debugger views to be converted into commands, where their visibility can be better controlled... with the goal of reducing overall clutter in Eclipse debuggers.
  • Actions:
    • Doug: Mail list with component breakdown and list of leads
    • James: File bug to start ball rolling on project description

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