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CDT Conf Call - June 11, 2008

CDT 5.0 Wrap up

  • Final build is this Friday, June 13 (maybe that was a bad/unlucky idea)
  • Bits to be pushed on Monday or Tues for GA
  • Ramp down seemed to go well, with change notifications to cdt-dev list
  • Action: Doug to give CDT docs one more review to make sure they don't look too out of date

CDT 5.0.1 Branch

  • CDT 5.0.1 is scheduled for Sept/08
  • People ready to start working on 5.1 features now
  • Will branch right after 5.0.0 GA announced

CDT 5.1

  • CDT 5.1 is scheduled for Jun/09
  • Lots of ideas for 5.1 work
    • Clean up of declarations parsing
    • New disassembly view
    • Unification of DSF with CDI
      • Common action code
      • Common launch configs
    • Build system clean up
      • Extensible
      • Sustainable
    • New extensible parser framework
  • Action: Doug to start up the wiki page and everyone to add in the items they're interested in


  • Proposal to contribute DSF to CDT
    • DSF committers have a firm process they'd like to keep
    • How do we give them the mechanisms to continue that in the context of CDT
      • e.g. should the CDT adopt their process
  • Need to restructure the CDT wiki
    • Ensure new contributors can easily find the information they need
  • CDT Summit Sept 22-24 at the IBM Toronto lab
    • Definitely discuss process issues there
    • As well as all the features people are planning/working on

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