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Call information

15/03/2007, 17:00 UTC

Local 416-343-2604
NA Toll Free 1-866-576-2504
International Toll Free 800 4444 3030
Conference ID 9053695



  • Chris, Jason, Beth, Greg, Mike, Vivian, Rob (IBM)
  • Markus (WindRiver)
  • Craig (LANL)
  • Andrew (Symbian)


  • Chris gave an overview of CDT HEAD patched with the latest patch
    • We looked at the dao framework and the local call hierarchy service
    • We looked at the remote call hierarchy service implementation, and how it calls into RSE
  • Markus had 6 specific items that can be addressed in bugzilla
    • Concern that the shadow CElement (headless) hierarchy should not be in the core as its a non-compliant implementation of the ICElement interfaces
    • Request that any CModelBuilder(2) changes are proposed in a separate patch
    • Concern about lack of types in DAOManager (Object, String)
    • IndexEventListener - Markus did not like that this appears in the DAOManager
    • CallHierarchyService appears in a non-internal package
    • (?)
  • IIndex's status is unaltered, DAO would be a further layer ontop allowing remote solutions an entry point, which would ultimately call back into IIndex
  • The functionality that recombines service results reflectively at the DAO layer would collide with IIndex
    • removing this, or having a single service provider is something you're happy with
  • The DAO framework itself would enable remote solutions, but its undetermined whether the IBM remote solution would be open-sourced as of yet
  • Usage of IPath and Path is likely not an issue any longer
  • Beth: PTP has interest in seeing a remote solution outside of the IBM proprietary product
  • In principle, with the collisions with IIndex avoided, we then looked at whether this can make CDT 4.0. There was concern about the amount of churn relatively late in the release cycle that would be needed as it potentially affects many existing clients.

Action Items

  • Open Bugzilla report for issues surrounding DAO service provider API and implementation ((Bug 177658)
  • Open Bugzilla report for issues surrounding migration of Call Hierarchy to DAO framework ((Bug 177761)
  • Open Bugzilla report for proposed changes to CModelBuilder2 (Bug 177632)
  • Update patches for decoupled parser and indexer
  • Remove automatic merging of search results
  • Move headless CModel outside of CDT
  • Break patches into smaller pieces (e.g. separate patches for DAO framework, call hierarchy refactoring, CModelBuilder2 changes)
  • Use a more descriptive API (i.e. remove string based identifiers and usage of Object)
  • Mark DAO API as provisional
  • Determine how many clients should be migrated for CDT 4.0 timeframe

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