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  • IBM - Chris, Vivian, Jason, Ankit
  • QNX - Doug
  • Symbian - Bala, Andrew
  • Nokia - Ken
  • WindRiver - Markus


  • Discussion about defining an API for PDOM
    • agreement that the API vocabulary should be in terms of the existing DOM and AST interfaces
    • questions about what commonality can be language independent
    • Chris suggests there might be value in a separate search provider API for remote scenarios
    • Doug concerned about differing workflows via different clients - suggests we try to enumerate what client needs are
      • in particular for the remote indexing scenario how much information will be sent over the wire
    • Chris to look into what remote indexing API needs are
    • Andrew suggests some bottom-up code changes can be made without pre-empting higher level API decisions
  • We will discuss more at the summit, and also sit down to look at code specifics
  • People to review offline indexing summary in bugzilla #74433
  • Brief discussion of EFS
    • No-one has yet looked into this deeply.
    • Tianchao of PTP has provided a patch to use EFS in CDT but this is maybe more of a prototype. (TBD)

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