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Doug S (QNX), Alex C (QNX), Andy (QNX), Sergey (Google), Dave (Rockwell-Collins), Ken (Nokia), Mikhail S (Intel), Mikhail K (ARM), Leo (Intel), Chris (IBM), Vivian (IBM), Jason (IBM), Pawel (Wind), John (Freescale)


  • EclipseCon Submissions in place, adjusted, and all have been accepted. To be made official next week.
  • CDT 4.0.2 out the door, CDT 4.0.3 builds start Friday, keep it high quality
  • CDT 5.0 Milestone M4 is coming Dec 19, please add content to milestone plan
  • Will try to push the Modules View to the Platform. Pawel to create a patch. We'll see if it acceptable for Eclipse 3.4

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