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December 2005 Monthly Call

Attendees: Leo, Bob, Mikhail, Miwako (Intel), Michael (Wind River), Doug, Dave, Mikhail (QNX), Beth (IBM), Ken (Nokia), John (Freescale), Chris (TI)

Doug (QNX) will propose to the list the final release schedule for the year where 3.0.2 will be a maintenance release for Feb and 3.1 to be the next major feature release in sync with Eclipse 3.2 in June.

Leo (Intel) will organize a call on the project model proposal. This will need to be scheduled for next week before everyone disappears for the holidays. It is important to get the Photran guys there.

Michael (Wind River) is working on a proposal for a simple interface to allow the parser to get at build information provided by the builders. This will help augment the existing IScannerInfo and Path Entry facilities in the CModel.

Ken (Nokia) start looking at how they can contribute some of the debug items over the next week or so.

John (Freescale) has raised a number of good enhancement requests for debug and is working through their legal system to enable them to help contribute to these.

Doug is working away at his PDOM implementation and has the Database with BTrees working. He will be building a viewer into the index using SWT/JFace's virtual tree support which will force us to move to Eclipse 3.2 when M4 lands (where this support will first appear in Jface).

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