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April 4th, 2017


  1. Phil Mason (Broadcom)
  2. Marc-Andre Laperle (Ericsson)
  3. Marc Dumais (Ericsson)
  4. Dominique Toupin (Ericsson)
  5. Tracy Miranda (Kichwa Coders)
  6. Jonah Graham (Kichwa Coders)
  7. Brian Avery (Intel)
  8. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor)
  9. Doug Schaefer (QNX)


  • We said our goodbyes to Marc Khouzam, Sergey Prigogin, and Alvaro Sanchez. They will be sorely missed.
  • Marc Dumais and Marc-Andre Laperle also mentioned they are working on new projects not necessarily related to CDT. Marc D will be working on integrating debug with a new Web technology IDE and Marc-Andre will be working on clangd, a C/C++ language server based on clang. Nathan and Doug have expressed interest in bringing that to CDT as it matures.
  • Marc-Andre gave an update on clangd. There was a face-to-face at a recent LLVM conference in Europe. There were around 40 attendees interested including Qt Creator and Netbeans as potential consumers. Great to see the IDE teams working together on common functionality. And good to see they brought up the main concerns they should be looking at, how to get build information to drive the parse, and how to achieve reasonable performance. These are things CDT has gotten pretty good at over the years.
  • Dominique started a discussion on the Web-based IDE they are looking to work on with other members of the community. A meeting was held at Eclipse Converge to kick it off. More will be made public in May. Time will tell whether this is a future direction for the rest of the CDT community and it could be years before they reach parity with the CDT. But it is certainly an interesting direction for the future that we need to start investigating now.
  • Which brings up the point that with Ericsson being mainly withdrawn from the CDT and Doug working in similar directions, there are very few committers left. We need to get into community rebuilding mode. Those companies that depend on the CDT and haven't contributed, who need things, can no longer expect them to just happen. They need to get involved. At the same time, existing committers need to help newcomers and review patches and answer questions.
  • Nathan, Marc-Andre, Jeff, Doug and Tracy are working on articles for the upcoming Eclipse newsletter focused on CDT. That will give us a chance to promote the cool things the CDT does.
  • CDT 9.2.2 will happen in the next day or two to fix a Serial Port issue a number of the Arduino community have been running into on Linux.

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