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Attendees: Marc (Ericsson), James (Broadcom), Leo (Intel), Pawel (Wind River), Bill (Intel), John (Freescale), Jeff (Red Hat), Mikhail (CodeSourcery), Elena (QNX), Ken (Nokia), and probably a few others.

  • 7.0 Status
    • DSF/GDB parity (Marc)
      • progress is good but slowing
      • Need to prioritize what's left, do big things by RC0, littler "bugs" by release, and then even to Sept's 7.0.1.
      • Engage the community via the newsgroup to get beta testers and to help with prioritization
    • Supported toolchains (Doug)
      • We should finally defined a set of recommended version line ups for gcc for the various hosts we support
      • Document it in the user docs, and on the web site
      • Define versions for Cygwin, MinGW (Wascana), select Linux distros, Mac.
    • New & Noteworthy (Doug)
      • Doug to start and get input from team
  • EclipseCon Recap
    • A good time was had by all
    • Hope more can make it next time
    • A great place to meet other CDT contributors and even a few users and learn about other Eclipse technologies
  • CDT Summit
    • We skipped last year due to travel restrictions
    • It would be good to start it up again this year
      • again in the fall (late Sept?) before going too deep into next release
    • Need an agenda and a location
    • Agenda items could include:
      • Debug wars part deux (DSF/GDB versus DSF/EDC/TCF versus Flex Hierarchy/EDC2/TCF or something)
      • Codan checker-fest
      • Supporting real developers, CDT as an end-user IDE rather than platform, e.g. Wascana, Mac, Qt, Linux, Embedded-cross
      • What to do with profiling/trace
    • Locations could include anywhere but best if one of the vendors host
      • We've done Ottawa and Toronto in the past. Austin is another idea.
    • Who can make it?

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