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Enhanced Breakpoint Support

  • Current CDT breakpoint support is very limited
  • We need to create a breakpoint for a specific target/core/process/thread
    • There is support for thread-specific, but only after creation
  • Freescale has a mode that restricts the breakpoints creation to the active context, if this option is chosen by the user
  • Breakpoints view should somehow show quickly where a breakpoints is installed
  • Maybe the visualizer view could also be used to show breakpoint with respects to cores/processes/threads
  • TI uses breakpoint grouping and filtering in the Breakpoints view to improve the situation
  • TI applies breakpoints to the current multi-selection of the Debug view to control where they are set, that info is then stored in breakpoint attributes for re-creation
  • We need a unified solutions for enhanced breakpoint support

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