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CDO Source Installation (CVS, deprecated)


This tutorial describes how to install the CDO workspace using Buckminster. This deprecated version checks out the workspace projects from CVS. The new SVN version can be found here.

Prepare the IDE

Download and install Eclipse 3.6 from

Then open a fresh development workspace.

Cdo install1.png

Add the following plug-ins from the Helios p2 repository (

Install the following:

  • EMF 2.6 SDK
  • Buckminster 3.6 Core
  • Buckminster 3.6 CVS Support
  • Buckminster 3.6 PDE Support
  • GMF 1.4 SDK

Cdo install2.png

Cdo install3.png

Hint: You may alternatively install from the buckminster update site (the helios update site did not work in my case). Add to your update sites and select the required bundles.

Now you have prepared your IDE with the required tools.

Create the Target Platform

For the target platfrom first create an empty project called "_target".

Cdo install4.png

Now create an empty target definition that Buckminster later can fill with the needed plug-ins (Windows->Preferences->Plugin Development->Target Platform)

Cdo install5.png

Insert the name for the target platform.

Cdo install6.png

Click 'Add'.

Cdo install7.png

Add the directory location ${workspace_loc}/_target.

Cdo install8.png

Activate the platform.

Cdo install9.png

Create the API Baseline

Now we need to create an API baseline. First, create a new workspace project called "_baseline"

Cdo export targetdef0.png

Now we must add the API baseline. Open the Preferences (Window->Preferences) and open the "API Baselines" page.

Cdo export targetdef3.png

Click "Add Baseline...". Give it the name CDO 3.0 GA Baseline and choose the path to your _baseline project as destination. Then the API baseline is created and set active for your workspace.

Cdo export targetdef4.png

Bootstrap the Releng Project

Now you need to bootstrap the releng project.

Committers use:

Right click the Package Explorer and choose Imort->Team Project Set. Select the downloaded _bootstrap.psf

Cdo install10.png

Cdo install11.png

Cdo install12.png

Note, if you want to work on CDO 3.0 switch the branch with Team|Switch to "R3_0_maintenance" branch (not tag!)

Materialize the Sources and the Target Platform

To materialize the sources right-click the local.mspec, select Buckminster|Import...

Cdo install15.png

While the following dialog is running go and fetch a coffee, or two, or three...

Cdo install16.png

Finally hit the 'Finish' button

Cdo install14.png

Updating the Workspace

You can update your development workspace with re-importing the local.mpec as described above. Then the whole workspace and the target platform are updated.

Note, that re-importing doesn't update your source from CVS repository.

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