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BaSyx / Documentation / VAB / JSON Serialization

See also HTTP/REST Mapping TCP Mapping Exceptions

JSON Serialization

Both the TCP and the HTTP mapping use a json serialization for objects send over the VAB. In the following, this json serialization is explained.


There are multiple requirements on the JSON serialization:

Type Representation

The following types are taken as is from the JSON type scheme:

  • string
  • number (integer or double)
  • object (i.e. map)
  • boolean
  • null

Additionally, these types are introduced:

  • ordered lists
  • functions


Functions are most commonly not serializable. Exception of this are Java functions, that can be represented by their byte code. However, there still needs to be an indication that a value is representing a function. This is done by passing this information in the _basyxFunctionType key. The allowed values are:

  • lambda
  • operation

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