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BaSyx / Documentation / Components / SQL

The component's SQL configuration can be used to specify the SQL driver and location for the SQL database.

Default Configuration

By default, a PostgreSQL database is assumed with the default port and credentials.

dbuser             = postgres
dbpass             = admin
dburl              = //localhost:5432/basyx-directory? 
sqlDriver          = org.postgresql.Driver
sqlPrefix          = jdbc:postgresql:

It is possible to use different SQL drivers by configuring the driver and connector prefix string. E.g., to connect to a Microsoft SQL server use the following configuration:

sqlDriver          =
sqlPrefix          = jdbc:sqlserver:

Custom Configuration

For docker components, the file can be mounted inside of the container using a volume during container startup. E.g., to run the registry component with custom configuration, use

docker run --name=registry -p 8082:4000 -v C:/tmp:/usr/share/config eclipsebasyx/aas-registry:latest

The file has to be located in C:/tmp in this example.

In order to change the SQL configuration when directly starting the component from the Java executable, you can specifiy the configuration file path via the BASYX_SQL parameter. See the following example with the registry:

java -jar -DBASYX_SQL="C:/tmp/" registry.jar

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