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Storage Backend

User Story & Use Case

As AAS Components user

I want to configure the persistency backend

so that I can easily change where AAS/Submodel Descriptors are stored and, depending on the backend, no data gets lost

By using different kind of backends, the persistency layer of the AAS Registry component can be tailored to specific use cases' needs.

Feature Overview

The AAS Registry components provides a default InMemory backend that can be utilized for development but does not persist any data between component starts. For use in production, additionally MongoDB and SQL support is provided.

Depending on the backend chosen, addition configuration may be necessary.

Feature Configuration

By default, an empty InMemory server is started. The backend can be changed in the with the option


Currently, the other valid options for the backend is MongoDB and SQL.

If MongoDB or SQL is chosen as backend, the backend connection has to be configured via file for MongoDB or file for SQL.

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