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Corporate Design

As AAS Web UI user

I want to change the look of the AAS Web UI according to my company's corporate design.

The AAS Web UI provides a feature to use your Logos and set the primary application colour.

Feature Overview

The corporate design can be applied through Docker.

When using Docker run, you can add the logos by mounting a local folder containing the main logo (Logo.png/jpg/svg) and the favicon (browser tab icon) named favicon.ico. The primary colour can be configured by using the VITE_PRIMARY_COLOR environment variable. It expects a colour value in hex format.

docker run -p 3000:3000 -v <local_path_to_logo>:/app/src/assets/Logo -e VITE_PRIMARY_COLOR=<primary_color> eclipsebasyx/aas-gui

The same feature can also be adapted for Docker compose:

   image: eclipsebasyx/aas-gui
   container_name: aas-web-gui
       - "3000:3000"
       VITE_PRIMARY_COLOR: "<primary_color>"
       - <local_path_to_logo>:/app/src/assets/Logo

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