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Architecture Council/Meetings/June 28 2018

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday June 28, 2018 at 1100 Ottawa
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Agenda / Notes

Update EMO (Wayne)

Photon went out. The feedback tracked so far is very positive.

The Eclipse Foundation does have a Security Policy. In the past the majority of vulnerabilities reported affected the websites. Because the number of runtime projects is increasing, the diversity of vulnerabilities is increasing.

OpenJ9 is in need of a semi-private Git repository as they are working on security issues. The Webmaster team is working on a solution which would be available to other projects, too.

In general, any vulnerability which can be used to exploit users' systems or data is worth promoting as CVE. The Eclipse Foundation can issue CVEs and will report then.

Wayne will update process and documentation over the upcoming days. He is also looking for help from the AC when managing (assessing, impact, importance, etc.) with security issues.

Webmaster Update (Mikaël)

Jenkins Enterprise is now running on a small cluster. The Webmaster team started testing migrations of JIPPs. For now only early adopters will be migrated. Eventually all JIPPs will be migrated into the new service.

A question was raised whether Jenkins Enterprise can build GitHup Pull Requests. Mikaël answered yes and also mentioned that the functionality is already available today. Please open a bug for the Webmaster team to have the pull request plug-in installed and configured for your GitHub repository if you need it.

Changes to AC calls (Gunnar)

Gunnar asked for feedback on the previous two update items. Going forward he'd like to have them as standing items on the call agenda. The feedback was very positive. The general comments indicate that these updates are very useful.

Going forward we are going to streamline the call a bit. It will by default run for up to 30 minutes. We'll keep the remaining 30 minutes as an overflow for discussion. Attendees are welcome to drop out earlier if they don't need/want to participate in the overflow time.

Next call date (Gunnar)

Given the short distance and summer vacation time, we cancelled the July call. Our next call will be August 9, 2018.

Plan for EDP Revision (Gunnar & Wayne)

The plan has been finalized. The focus of the next major revision will be anything around releases. It has been indicated that the burden to release more frequently is too high currently. During the discussion Wayne raised the idea of separating release reviews from releases. The IP Log review is coupled with a release review event but not with a release event. Formal release reviews must happen once or at most twice per year. Releases can be issues more frequently, though. Of course, projects should be able to always request a formal release review for every release they do.

Gunnar explained that there is an AsciiDoc version of the EDP document at We'll work with pull requests against that document. Going forward, the calls will be used to collect and discuss ideas. We'll switch to the mailing list and pull requests for in deep discussion on solutions/proposed changes.

Last meeting: Architecture Council/Meetings/May 17 2018

Action Items

  • Wayne and Gunnar to groom the the backlog in Bugzilla and get all bugs aligned for the EDP plan.

Next Meeting

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