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Architecture Council/F2F SFO 2008

Tentative Agenda for an AC Face-to-face meeting at SFO Board Meeting 2008


  • Participants
  • Tentative
    • Doug Gaff, Wind River -- arrive tuesday at noon -- depart Friday monring -- hotel Monaco
    • Ed Merks, Macro Modeling -- arrive 09-Dec-night-- depart TBD -- hotel Monaco
    • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, EMO -- arrive TBD -- depart TBD -- hotel TBD
    • Mike Milinkovich, EMO -- arrive TBD -- depart TBD -- hotel TBD
    • Richard Gronback, Borland -- arrive 09-Dec-afternoon -- depart 11-Dec-evening -- hotel Monaco
    • Doug Clarke, Oracle -- arrive 09-Dec evening -- depart 11-Dec evening -- Westin St. Francis
    • Wenfeng Li, Actuate -- arrive TBD
    • Mik Kersten, Tasktop -- arrive Tuesday evening -- depart Thursday evening
  • Regrets
    • Martin Oberhuber, Neil Hauge, John Arthorne, David Carver, McQ, Tom Watson, Eugene Chan, Oliver E Cole, Darin Wright, Karsten Schmidt, Andrew Overholt, Mary Ruddy, Darin Swanson, Markus Knauer, Boris Bokowski

Date, Time and Location

  • TBA, likely evening at some meeting room with dinner/bar afterwards


Open discussion here. Feel free to add anything (this is not yet an agenda), prefix with your name.

  • Donsmith - The Councils meetings would overlap with the Board meetings, so I don't think Mike, Ed, Doug or Rich would be able to actually attend....
  • (DonSmith) Historically, there have been council meetings in parallel to the board on the 10th, and then a plenary of the councils with the board on the 11th.
  • (MartinO) I don't know how these Board Meetings operate, but I'd assume that only AC members who are also on the Board would be present.
    • As such, I'll leave it to others to determine if such a meeting even makes sense, or what would be a good time slot.
    • Talking about IP/Legal things might be interesting since the IP Advisory committee may also be present and having such a discussion aside the full Board plenary might be helpful.

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