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11.08.2006 Conference Call


Scott Lewis, John Casey, Dennis O'Flynn, Glenn Everitt, Wendell Beckwith, Thomas Hallgren, Paul Styles, Henrick Lindberg, Marcin Okraszewski, Pascal Rapicault, Mitch Sonies


There was a spirited discussion about the meaning of 'project model':

  • What kinds of projects are to be considered (software development only and/or others)?
  • What kinds of project-related meta-data should be included or excluded (e.g. project team membership, tool-specific data, build/deploy/sw lifecycle processes, testing, team communication processes, etc)?
  • How does Kepler include rather than replace existing tools?
  • How does the Corona work on general 'context container' fit into the generalized notion of a 'project model'

There was agreement that

  • Kepler will be focus on defining and implementing a more general notion of project model
  • Kepler will look to provide integration of existing tools rather than replacement
  • Kepler will include committers and contributors from other Eclipse projects, including (but not limited to) Buckminster, Corona, ECF, Platform. Not all committers will be expected to make frequent code contributions.
  • Once the project has been officially started and provisioned Kepler will have regular online and f2f sessions to make progress toward a generalized project model. These sessions will include all interested parties

Action Items

  • Read/review the Kepler Proposal and submit commits by Friday, November 17th to the Kepler Newsgroup]
  • Corona and Buckminster teams to review each other's project model and identify any possible ways to establish a common unified project model [Dennis O'Flynn/Henrick Lindberg]

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