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Xtext Project Plan/Features/CrossReferencing

The cross referencing features allows for specification of cross references within an xtext grammar.

To do the linking several things are required:

  1. the derived/referenced ecore model contains a respective cross reference (containment=false).
  2. the syntax of a crossreference is expressed by a lexer rule. usually an identifier or a fully qualified name
  3. there is a linking phase right after parsing
  4. there is linking semantics provided for a specific link.

In the grammar a cross reference is specified using square brackets.

CrossReference :
  '[' ReferencedEClass ('|' lexerRuleName)? ']'


Reference :
  type=[Entity|ID] name=ID;

That results in a Type 'Reference' with an EReference 'type' of type 'Entity' and an EAttribute 'name' of type 'EString' (because ID is of type EString).

For each grammar a linking service can be implemented/configured, which implements the following interface:

interface ILinkingService {
    * is called to compute the URI of the EObject referenced by 
    * the given text in the given model. 
   URI[] getLinks(LeafNode text, CrossReference ref, EObject model);  

A linking service is configured using the service framework shipped with xtext.

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