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Xpand/New And Noteworthy

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File decorations

When you open Eclipse and import a project into the workspace you can see several file decorating images.


There are specific images for

* Xpand2 templates (.xpt extension) 
* Extension files (.ext extension)
* Check constraints (.chk extension)


When you double-click on one of the above mentioned file types, special editors will open that provide appropriate syntax coloring. Syntax coloring

Here are examples for the Xpand editor: XpandCodeHighlighting.jpg

for the Extensions editor: XtendCodeHighlighting.jpg

and for Check editor: CheckCodeHighlighting.jpg

Code completion

The Editors provide extensive code completion support by pressing Ctrl + Space similar to what is known from the Java editor. Available types, properties, and operation, as well as extensions from .ext files will be found. The Xpand editor provides additionally support for the Xpand language statements. Xpand tag delimiter creation support.


In the Xpand editor there is an additional keystroke available to create the opening and closing tag brackets, the guillemets ("«" and "»").

Ctrl + < creates "«"


Ctrl + > creates "»"