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xmpp.eclipse.org doesn't work!
I'm not sure if it ever worked, see bug 126089 or bug 291797 ...

The Eclipse Foundation now hosts an XMPP server (xmpp.eclipse.org) which you can use to collaborate with your fellow Eclipse committers.

Xmpp people.png


How do I log-in?

All you need is a committer account and access to popular XMPP clients like Adium or Pidgin.

To log-in, use your Eclipse bugzilla id and password. Note, you have to escape the '@' symbol with '\40' in most chat clients. This is because not all chat clients have implemented JEP-0106.


How do I chat with people?

The first step with chatting with someone is to add them to your address book. You can add them manually:


Or, you can add a group that people are part of to see the contacts within that respective group:


For a list of available groups at Eclipse, please see this page.