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XST Project/UserGuide/Overview

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XML Security Tools add three wizards for signing, encrypting and decrypting various XML documents to the WTP XML editor and different views. A new view, XML Signatures, is included for verification of all XML signatures in the selected XML document as well as to provide detailed information on each signature.

Launching XML Security Tools

To call any functionality of the XML Security Tools simply select an XML document in the Navigator, Package Explorer or Project Explorer view or inside the WTP XML editor and choose the desired operation in the XML Security entry in the context menu. The XML Security context menu inside the mentioned views is only available in the XML perspective. It is always available inside the WTP XML editor, no matter which perspective is active at the moment.

XML Security Tools context menu

The XML Security menu

The XML Security menu contains ten entries. The items with an icon launch a wizard (New Signature..., New Encryption..., New Decryption...) or a view (New Verification...). The ones without any icon launch a command directly, with minimum or no user interaction at all.

There are no differences in the menu when calling it from inside the XML editor on inside a view. However there is one difference in the XML Signature and XML Encryption wizard: it is not possible to sign/ encrypt a text selection when using the context menu inside a view. The text selection has to exist before opening the wizard, which is not possible from within a view.

Calling any XML Security command from within the XML editor activates the Eclipse undo/ redo functionality. Keep that in mind since it makes it easy to undo any encryption while the editor is still open. Calling any XML Security command from within a view writes any changes directly to the selected file, without any undo/ redo possibility.