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XST Project/UserGuide/Encryption

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XML Encryption Wizard


The XML Encryption Wizard consists of three pages, with a variable second page depending on the chosen keystore/ key option. To launche the wizard you either have to select an XML document in one of the supported views in the XML perspective or open an XML document in the WTP XML editor (in any perspective). Open the context menu, choose XML Security and click on New Encryption.... In order to encrypt a selected XML fragment select the desired document part in the editor and launch the wizard as described before. The selection has to exist before launching the wizard, and it has to be well-formed: in case a start-tag is selected the end-tag must be selected too. Encrypting only text-content of an element is possible too.

Resource and Encryption Type

Keystore and Key

Use a key from an existing keystore

Insert a new key in an existing keystore

Create a new key and a new keystore

Algorithms and Encryption Properties