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[[Category:Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project]]
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The XSL Tools project will focus specifically on the Transformation engine of the W3C XSL Specification. XSL stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language and this project is concerned with two of its technologies, XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO, as defined in the XSL Recommendation) and the XSL Transformation language (XSLT 1.0 or XSLT 2.0). From here on out, when XSL is mentioned, it is in reference to the Transformation language.

The XSL Tools project is a WebTools Incubator project. The project's goal and background can be found in the XSL Tools Proposal. Its scope is to provide basic XSL editing and debugging support to compliment and leverage the XML and source editing support within WTP.


The latest version of the XSL Tooling project plugins and features can be found at:

For those that would like to use the Update Manager or P2 to install XSL Tooling you can use the following update site:

If you want it to automatically get all of the required plugins, then make sure you have the Ganymede Update as well:

XSL Tooling does depend on JDT as well as Web Standard Tools in order for some functionality like debugging support.

Contributions and Contributing

For those that would like to help with XSL Tools by supplying patches, and enhancements. We have created a Team Project set file that will contain all the projects necessary to be checked out from CVS.

- You will need the team Project Set for Contributors.

Other Resources:


The XSL Tools Requirements page is another area that the community can use to express what functionality they need or want in the project.

Project Status

Current status and views of the product backlog can be found on the XSLT Development pages. These pages will be used to show and track progress for each milestone release.

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