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=Burn Down Charts=
A burn down chart will give a graphical representation of where the project stands after each Milestone period.  Eclipse uses a 6 week development cycle to determine it's milestones, and the XSL Tools project is looking at basing it's releases off the same time period.  To this affect, items in the backlog will be worked on in a 6 week iteration.  This may be adjusted depending on how the first such release goes.  It is also the intent of the XSL Tools project to align with the WTP development cycle.  Since we do depend on items from WTP, we may adopt a +2 release cycle after WTP has released their Milestone.
The Burn Down Charts will be posted shortly after the Milestone release, so that the community will have a good idea of the progress and prospective completion date.
* [[XSL 1.0 M1 Chart]]
=Status Reports=
=Status Reports=
To be filled in.
To be filled in.

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Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is a list of features or stories that are requested by the community and committers to be implemented into the overall XSL Tools project. The more feedback that we receive, the better the project can meet the communities needs. The product backlog will be driven primarily from enhancement requests, and bug reports entered into bugzilla. Community members are encouraged to participate and voice their opinions on the features that are to go into the final product.

The committers will use the product backlog as guide to what needs to be worked on. In many cases further questions and details will need to be received in order to help clarify the requirements of a request. Bugzilla will be the primary place for this interaction, so active community feedback is vital.

Release Plan

This provides a general long term view of where the project would like to be and when.

Status Reports

To be filled in.