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(WTP XSD Smoke Test Scenarios)
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;XML Catalog
;XML Catalog
:Resolve schemas in jars
:Resolve schemas in jars
:Attributes - Value Default and Fixed and Form

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WTP XSD Smoke Test Scenarios

XSD Editor and Validator tests:

Open and Close Editor
Ensure views are maintained
Add Tests
Element (From Design and Outline)
Complex Type
Simple Type
Attribute Group
Modify names
Selection Tests
Synchronization between views (Properties, Graph, Source, Outline)
Delete Tests
Delete globals and locals
Drag and Drop
Elements in a sequence
Source Editing
As you type validation
Content Assist
Context Menus
Add and delete extensions
Add attributes
Change lengths
Add enumerations
Rename a complex type
File creation & saving
Save/Save As
Close without saving
Open existing file
Create new file using new XSD file wizard
Disconnected mode
XML Catalog
Resolve schemas in jars
Attributes - Value Default and Fixed and Form

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