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XQuery Development Tools/Workspace Setup for Dummies


This article is meant to give you detailed instructions on how to set up your Workspace in order to build and test XQDT on your machine. We assume that you already have an Eclipse installation that meets the requirements below.


  • Eclipse at least 3.4 (Ganymede)
  • Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) Core Frameworks SDK, version 1.0
    • EMF Common
    • EMF ECore
  • Faceted Project Framework

Installing the requirements


We assume that you already have an Eclipse installation. You can have the latest one from here: Eclipse Downloads Page


In order to have have access also to the DLTK Framework source code you must install, besides the DLTK Core Framewors, also the DLTK Core Frameworks SDK. For this, follow the following steps in Eclipse:

  1. Help menu -> Install New Software...
  2. Click the "Add" button and in the pop up dialog, add only "" in the "Location" field. Click "OK"
  3. In the tree view, expand the "Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK)" node and select: "Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks SDK". This feature includes both the DLTK binaries and the source code of the DLTK Core Frameworks. Click "Next".
  4. On the "Install Details" page, click "Next".
  5. On the "Review Licenses" page, select "I accepts the terms of the license agreements". Note on this page that DLTK will automatically pull its own dependency: "EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework Core Runtime". Click "Finish" and wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Restart Eclipse when prompted.

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