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XQDT/Release Notes

Revision as of 15:50, 7 January 2010 by (Talk | contribs) (Known Issues)

XQDT 0.7.0 M1 - 08 Jan 2010

New Features

  • feature 1 - if this feature solves a Bugzilla bug or implements an enhancement, please provide the bug entry like this: Bug 999999
  • feature 2 ...

Resolved Issues

  • Bug 296671 Parser error on '<' in quoted strings.
  • Bug 295437 Parser error on '--'in element constructor with computed content.
  • Bug 297373 XQuery version not honored if preceded by blank lines or comments.
  • Bug 295441 Error message when opening XQuery module in non-XQuery project.
  • Bug 295440 xqDoc generation broken. (Zorba)
  • Bug 297366 Parser error on private function/variable declaration. (Mark Logic)
  • Bug 292340 Parser error on binary node constructor. (Mark Logic)

Known Issues

  • Bug 295474 XQuery grammar does not accept nested comments.
  • Bug 295443 Better error reporting.
  • Bug 295450 Incorrect parsing error (APOS strings in EnclosedExpr)
  • Bug 295454 Error Positions shifted due to lexer switching.
  • Bug 295461 Cannot execute code from non-XQuery project
  • Bug 296132 Errors for mismatched XML tags.
  • Bug 297374 Block comments don't work correctly.
  • Bug 298019 Automatically inserted closing quote isn't skipped when a closing quote is typed.
  • Bug 297649 Parser support for MarkLogic multi-transaction modules is incorrect.
  • Bug 292341 Auto-completed fn: calls should include $ on parameter names.
  • Bug 298379 Implicit import of core MarkLogic extensions happens for strict dialect.
  • Issues of particular interest are noted here. For a complete list of open bugs and enhancement requests, see bugzilla: XQDT Open Bugs
  • Please review open bugs before filing new ones to avoid duplication. File new bugs and enhancement requests here: File a Bug

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