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{{note | These builds are for developer or early adopter use only.}}
{{note | These builds are for developer or early adopter use only.}}
* [ Committer Continuous Integration builds]
* [ Committer Continuous Integration builds]
* [ Last Stable Build]
* [ Last Stable Build]
* [ Last Successful Build]
* [ Last Successful Build]
== Prior Releases ==
== Prior Releases ==

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XQuery Development Tools (XQDT) is now part of the Web Tools Project Incubator. Our goal is to get out of the egg (a.k.a graduate).

XQDT provides support of XQuery inside Eclipse. Our goal is to have seamless integration with the Eclipse platform and the existing XQuery engines but also to create a user experience consistent with both XQuery and Eclipse standards.

XQDT provides the following features:

  • Support for XQuery 1.1 (e.g., try-catch, group by, windowing)
  • Support for XQuery Updates and Scripting Extensions (as defined in the public Standard / Working Draft)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion and code templates
  • Launching and debugging (in progress) XQuery
  • As-you-type validation
  • Semantic checking


Eclipse Development

Latest developer snapshots can be found on the XQDT build, along with trends and metrics. Both ZIPs and P2 Zipped update site are available for download.

These builds are for developer or early adopter use only.

Prior Releases

The latest released version (XQDT 2.1.1) can be still downloaded from the old website until the migration to the Eclipse infrastructure is complete:

NOTE: Once the migration is complete another versioning policy will be applied. This will make your current installation obsolete and a new installation will be necessary from an hosted update site.


  • User Guide
  • Tutorials

Contributions and Contributing

For those that would like to contribute to XQDT by supplying patches, and enhancements.

Other Resources:

Project Status

Visit our Development Status Meetings page for more information.

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