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=== Component lead/Committer ===
=== Component lead/Committer ===
* [ David Sciamma] - Anyware Technologies
* XML Security Plugin developer.
''David is manager of the Eclipse development team and architect at Anyware Technologies. He is involved in the TOPCASED project since its beginning and designed the architecture of the TOPCASED Modeling Framework. He will be the leader of this new component : animation of the community, links with the Eclipse Foundation...''
=== Committers ===
=== Committers ===

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The XML Security Tools is a proposed open source component under the Eclipse Web Tools Project.

This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process document) and is written to declare its intent and scope. This proposal is written to solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse community. You are invited to comment on and/or join the component. Please send all feedback to the Web Tools newsgroup.

The initial contribution pdf document is available .


Background information regarding the reason for the project and some high level goals.

  • Provide goals


Provide an overall description of the project.


We propose sources under EPL for initial contribution, including customizable encrypting and decrypting of XML files based on the W3C XML Encryption specification.

XML Security Tools features are organized into different topics :

The primary focus of the XML Security Tools component will be on extensibility & robustness of basic features.


Contribution will consist in an initial set of source plugins :

Current home of the Eclipse XML Security Plugins

  • Need current list of plugins

Tentative Plan

  • Initial presence in ??? 2008
    • website
    • CVS repository, seeded with source code from current contribution
    • Bugzilla repository
  • v0.5: ??? 2009

Initial committers and contributors

The initial committers will initially focus on providing an open, well documented API. Our agile development process will follow's standards for openness and transparency. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure and APIs needed to allow the integration/generation of additional model search engines.We also plan to help improve the Eclipse platform by submitting patches and extension point suggestions. The initial team will consist of several part-time resources:

Component lead/Committer

  • XML Security Plugin developer.


  • David Carver - Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail

David is one of the committers on the XSL Tools incubator project. He has been working on the content assistance and XPath parsing abilities. He is also mentoring the XQuery Summer of Code project. He works daily with wide variety of XML related technologies for the Automotive retail industry.

Interested parties

The Web Services, SOA, and XML communities are obviously the main target and audience for this component. We are expecting and will actively pursue during the proposal and incubation phases, active participation.

User community

The existing Web Service and XML developer/user community will be the primary user base.


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