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XML CSS = IFigure

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I think everyone who comes across with GEF notices how is it difficult to create IFigure elements. A simple IFigure element which consists of other different Figure elements is often needed to be developed on Java. But there are more comfortable methods for solving this task. These are HTML and CSS. The goals of this project are: to create a library that helps a GEF user to make IFigure easier with the help subset of HTML and CSS.


  • Student: Andrey Vakunov
  • Mentor: Andrey Platov


To simplify a GMF/GEF/Draw2d user the creation of IFigure elements. To make a possibility to create IFigure objects with the help of subset HTML and CSS:

  • the possibility to use div, table, tr, td etc. tags. (subset will be discussed with mentor)
  • possibility to use basic CSS elements.

Current status:

  • Define usecases with HTML and CSS. Ok green.gif
  • Define subset of possible elements that needs to be supported (use EMF model). Progress.gif
  • Provide possibility to extend model. For example by SVG (use Apache Batik as renderer).
  • Create renderer using created usecases.Progress.gif

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