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== [ Dependency Analysis] ==
== [ Dependency Analysis] ==

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You can see a list of some of the features below. There are also slides available presented at different conferences.


Direct import of Maven 2 projects

Import wizard.png

New project wizard from Maven Archetypes

Wizard for creation of new projects using the archetype mechanism

We also provide an Archetype Provider for the Archetype Catalog format to plug other archetype sources

The archetype catalog xml format used by the archetype 2.0 plug-in can now be used to select an archetype in the New Maven Project wizard.

This format is used to register an internal catalog by default, which replaces the wiki provider (although it can still be manually added).

Maven suggestions in the XML editor

When editing pom.xml files, values for the GroupId, PackageId and Version tags when adding a dependency are available.


This feature uses the Open Artifact Search Framework outlined below.

Always updated dependencies

No need to mvn install the dependencies on the workspace when running maven goals. The most current version is always used.


This means that you can modify a project on your workspace and use it in the surefire tests of a different one depending on it. Instantly.

Profile activation/deactivation

The profile view allows for quickly enabling and disabling profiles when running maven.


Open Artifact Search Framework

New extension points allow third parties to develop and register search engines for their indexing solution.

Several implementations are bundled with the install so you can use it out of the box.


Resolve Maven Mojos from the Workspace

It is possible to have maven mojo projects on the workspace and haven them used by q4e.

Form based POM editors

Edit POM files in a form based editor that synchronizes automatically to the pom.xml file in both directions. Also allows you to see the parent POM and the effective POM.

Settings.xml editor


Dependency Viewer

Dependency viewer.png

Dependency Analysis

Dependency analysis.gif

WTP support

J2EE Project Dependencies management

Automatic synchronization of J2EE project dependencies from maven dependencies for war projects.


All your dependencies in the workspace will be available when running the project on a J2EE server.

IAM Buckminster Integration

Dependencies declared in a workspace project pom can be checked out in the workspace using their scm information.

IAMBuckminster MaterializeDependenciesDialog.png

This is available in the Maven 2 context menu for the project.

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