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WTP and STP Collaboration

This page is to collect general information and references about the collaboration between the WTP and STP projects. WTP is one of the prerequisite projects for STP. STP on the otherhand being a user of WTP technologies can drive the requirement process. This is particularly important during the v2.0 release of the WTP project, where one the goals is better integration with orher eclipse projects. The inormation on this page is very new and is here to start the process. This page will serve as a starting point for the collaborateive work between the two projects. Any STP or WTP committer can update it.

Note: since only committers can edit these pages, if anyone from the community has contributions or suggestions for additions, please use the stp-dev or wtp-dev mail lists or contact one of the comitters from either projects.

Thanks, Naci Dai 18:00, 14 August 2006 (EEST)

Bit of History

WTP and STP share among technical requirement and similar consumers, a lot of committers and companies that work on the project. PMCs on both projects are making concious effort to make use of each other technologies where it makes sense. However, we are now making a planned effort to make sure that this collaboration happens for version 2.0 of WTP and version 1.0 of STP, which are planned for mid 2007.

Joint Workgroup

A joint workgroup would help speed the process of collaboration between the projects. The following would also help:

A conf call every other week to start planning, follow progress and resolve issues. We will publish the notes here. Component owners in WTP & STP that would own the work.

Gathering Feedback

True to the eclipse spirit, we will gather feedback and information on where potential collaboration should occur. We will take into account:

Feedback from PMCs, contributors, component owners and community. Committers who commit to both STP & WTP are very valuable Feedback from wtp-dev and stp-dev groups

Potential Areas of Collaboration

Runtime/Server Support Multiple deployment Service Creation Extensibility of WTP Wizards and APIs Project Facets

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