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== Previous Walkthroughs ==
== Previous Walkthroughs ==
* July 23rd '08: [[XSL_Tools_UI_Preferences_Review|XSL Preferences]] (David Carver, STAR)
* July 23rd '08: [[XSL_Tools_UI_Preferences_Review|XSL Preferences]] (David Carver, STAR and Doug Satchwell, Chase Technologies)
* May 28th '08: [[WTP Facets UIWG Walkthrough | WTP Facets Walkthrough]] (Kaloyan Raev)
* May 28th '08: [[WTP Facets UIWG Walkthrough | WTP Facets Walkthrough]] (Kaloyan Raev)

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The User Interface Best Practices Working Group gives the opportunity to run UI walkthroughs.

This page will collect all ideas for potential areas in WTP where an UI walkthrough could be made. The information collected here is just a hint and it is up to the corresponding project/component lead to decide whether such walkthrough is needed and to schedule and run it in the UI Group.

Potential areas

Web Services

  • Create Web Service wizard

Facets Framework

  • walkthrough on May 28, 2008
  • actions taken? follow-up walkthough?

JEE Tools

  • classpaths settings: integration between Java EE Module Dependencies and Java Build Path property pages
  • Java EE perspective layout 238335

Server Tools

  • Server view - managing lifecycle of the Server runtime
  • Installable runtimes UI


  • JPA Details and JPA Structure views - integration with Properties and Outline views.

XSL Tools

Previous Walkthroughs

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