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WTP Smoke Test Results R332 0216

Revision as of 13:22, 16 February 2012 by (Talk | contribs) (Final Release Promotion votes)

Final Release Promotion votes


Use a red X (fail) icon (Fail.gif) to signify that the build should not be released, that a respin is required. In that case, please provide bug number and be sure those that need to fix something are aware of it, and can arrange for a respin. Once the issue has been fixed, and confirmed, change the red X to a green check mark with the build Id where is was verified, so those doing the promotion know its ready to go.

If a build can be released and no issues were found, simple use the green check mark and include the initials or names of who performed the test.

Remember the significant column for releasing a build is the left-most project column. The Project Lead should make a judgment call on if the build (from their project's point of view) can be released or not.

This is the vote for the release of WTP 3.3.2.

This Week's Results
Project Vote Initials Comments
Common Checkmark.gif ccc
Java EE Questionmark.gif
EJB Questionmark.gif
JSF Checkmark.gif rs
Dali Checkmark.gif njh
Server Questionmark.gif
Web Services, WSDL Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gifWeb Services



JSDT Questionmark.gif
Source Editing Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gifXML + JSP


Release Engineering Checkmark.gif ccc

OK to release vote = Checkmark.gif
Do not release vote = Fail.gif
Release vote Pending = Questionmark.gif

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