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(Smoke Test Promotion votes)
(Smoke Test Promotion votes)
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| Java EE  
| Java EE  
| align="center" | [[Image:Fail.gif]]  
| align="center" | [[Image:Fail.gif]]  
| DG - on OSX (10.6.2 and 10.5.8) [[ 305528]]
| (DG) on OSX (10.6.2 and 10.5.8) [[ 305528]]
(KR) fix for bug [ 305528] released. Need to re-smoke.
| JSF  
| JSF  

Revision as of 16:40, 11 March 2010

Smoke Test Promotion votes

This Week's Results
Project Vote Initials Comments
Java EE Fail.gif (DG) on OSX (10.6.2 and 10.5.8) [305528]

(KR) fix for bug 305528 released. Need to re-smoke.

JSF Questionmark.gif rs - To be verified with a build that includes the Facelet plugins
Dali Checkmark.gif njh
Server Checkmark.gif


Passed with defect:

Error when removing projects from the server -
LI - 304845 has been resolved as NOT_ECLIPSE. The behavior is a Tomcat/Windows "feature".

Web Services, WSDL Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gifWeb Services (wm)

Checkmark.gifWSDL (wm)

Checkmark.gifJAXWS (sc)

Source Editing Questionmark.gif Checkmark.gifXML + JSP (ns)

Checkmark.gifXSD (wm)


Checkmark.gifXSL (dac)

Release Engineering Questionmark.gif

Smoke Test ok to promote vote = Checkmark.gif
Smoke Test do not promote vote = Fail.gif
Smoke Test Pending = Questionmark.gif

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