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| Java EE
| Java EE
| align="center" | [[Image:Questionmark.gif]]
| align="center" | [[Image:Questionmark.gif]]
| [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268384 268384] [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268385 268385] [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268386 268386]
| KR / [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268384 268384] [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268385 268385] [https://bugs.eclipse.org/268386 268386]
Waiting to retest with newer Platform I-build.  
Waiting to retest with newer Platform I-build.  

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Smoke Test Promotion votes

This Week's Results
Project Vote Initials Comments
Java EE Questionmark.gif KR / 268384 268385 268386

Waiting to retest with newer Platform I-build.

JSF Checkmark.gif da
Dali Questionmark.gif Released fix for 268362 (njh)
Server Checkmark.gif AV
Web Services, WSDL Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gifWeb Services (EDP)

Checkmark.gifWSDL (MTO)

Source Editing Fail.gif Checkmark.gif XML + JSP

Checkmark.gifXSD (MTO)

Fail.gifJSDT (cmj) - 268353

Release Engineering Checkmark.gif minor problems with versioning (and unit tests still intermittently fail)

Smoke Test ok to promote vote = Checkmark.gif
Smoke Test do not promote vote = Fail.gif
Smoke Test Pending = Questionmark.gif

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