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Web Tools 3.0 Smoke Test Results

This Week's Results
Component Result Initials/Comments
Java EE Checkmark.gif KR
JSF Checkmark.gif GK (using I20071213223850)
Dali Checkmark.gif njh
Server Checkmark.gif AV / With Bug#213006
Web Services, WSDL Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Web Services (ksc)

Checkmark.gif WSDL (kc)

XML, JSP, XSD,JSDT Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif XML+JSP (aw)

Checkmark.gif XSD (kc)

Checkmark.gif JSDT (bc)

Smoke Test Passed = Checkmark.gif   
Smoke Test Failed = Fail.gif   
Smoke Test Pending = Questionmark.gif

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