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| PMC  
| PMC  
|[[Image:Checkmark.gif]], Sept. 06, 2007
|[[Image:Checkmark.gif]], Sept. 06, 2007
| October 12, 2007
| Update plan to reflect committed tasks for M3 milestone
| WTP Project Leads
| Initial Milestones
| Initial Milestones

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This is the landing page for information on WTP 3.0 Requirements. The WTP 3.0 release will ship as part of the Eclipse Ganymede release scheduled for June 30,2008.


  • PMC will identify and propose the main themes for the release. This will include the themes defined by the Eclipse Requirement Council
  • PMC will initiate and gather requirements from the WTP community of users, adopters and developers
  • Bugzilla will be used to capture the requirements. Use the keyword, plan, to tag the enhancement request. For example, see JDT Plan item
  • Component Leads will triage the requirements and update the requirements document with a set of high-level items. Each item should have an entry in Bugzilla.
  • We will use the wtp-dev mailing list and the newsgroups initially for all communication.
  • PMC will conduct periodic review meetings to discuss and finalize the initial set of requirements.
  • PMC will iterate through this process during the first few milestones to arrive at the final requirements document.


Requirements Roadmap
Date Task Description Owner Status
June 26, 2007 Publish the WTP 3.0 Requirements process and schedule (this document) to the WTP community PMC Checkmark.gif, July 3rd, 2007
July 17, 2007 Publish the major themes and the overall structure of the Requirements document PMC Checkmark.gif, July 17, 2007
August 7, 2007 Component Leads publish first draft of the requirements for WTP community review WTP Component Leads Checkmark.gif, August 7, 2007
August 14, 2007 Public meeting with WTP community to get feedback PMC Checkmark.gif, August 14, 2007
August 28, 2007 Review meeting with Component Leads and PMC to triage requirements PMC <skipped>
September 04, 2007 PMC review of the requirements document and Publish the initial requirements document PMC Checkmark.gif, Sept. 06, 2007
October 12, 2007 Update plan to reflect committed tasks for M3 milestone WTP Project Leads
Initial Milestones Iterate untill we have a final requirements document PMC

Task completed = Checkmark.gif


Please give your feedback using any of the following mechanisms


  • WTP 3.0 Requirements review call
    • Date: 14th August, 2007
    • Time: 11.00 AM PST
    • Duration : 1 hour
    • Dial-in information
  • Call-in info
From the AMER region dial 1-888-967-2253
From the APAC region dial 1 800 222 712 (Australia toll-free)
+800 9491 2777
+61 2 8817 6100
From the EMEA region dial +44 118 924 9000
Meeting ID 444461
Meeting Password 573573


  1. WTP 3.0 Requirements documentation
  2. Status of the First draft by component team
This Week's (02, August) Results
Component Team Result Initials/Comments
Common Checkmark.gif
Source Editors Checkmark.gif ND
Java EE Tools Checkmark.gif
Java Persistence API (JPA) Tools (Dali Project) Checkmark.gif
JavaServerFaces (JSF) Tools Checkmark.gif RS
Server Tools Checkmark.gif AV
Web Services Checkmark.gif KC
AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF Project, incubating) Fail.gif

Completed = Checkmark.gif   
In Progress = Questionmark.gif
Not Started = Fail.gif