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WTP Release 1.5 Shutdown Process

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This page describes the procedures to follow for the shutdown of WTP 1.5. These procedures are in effect for the month of June. From now until WTP 1.5 is released, ALL bugs require PMC approval. Our final release candidate is planned for June 14. Only extremely serious bugs will be considered after that time.

To request approval for the release of a bug, the following conditions MUST be satisfied:

  1. the bug must be serious, i.e. it is P1 or P2 priority, it is Blocking, Critical, or Major severity, it is a Hot Bug, or it is a serious usability problem.
  2. a fix must be available and attached to the bug, it must have limited scope, it must not cause ripples or regressions, and it must have been tested.
  3. the component lead requests PMC approval by entering the keywork PMC in the status whiteboard field ib bugzilla
  4. PMC members approve or reject the bug by adding comments to bugzilla, if 3 members approve and no members reject, then the bug is approved. If one or PMC members reject the fix, their concerns must be addressed and they must remove their objections.

To track and expedite the process, we are doing the following:

  1. the bugs requiring approval are summarized by Jeffrey Liu in a report at ...
  2. an IRC chat channel has been created for component leads to discuss bugs with PMC members. PMC members will monitor this channel on a best effort basis and attempt to review bugs within 24 hours.
  3. a daily telecon will be held at 3:00 PM EDT. Jeffrey Liu will cancel this telecon if their are no bugs requiring PMC approval as of 2:00 PM EDT each day. The weekly status telecon callin number will be used for these telecons.

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