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WTP PseudoTranslation Test Results R320 04292010

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Pseudo Translation Test Results


This is an informal effort to check that strings are properly externalized.

Please document your projects result for pseudo translation test.

The first step is for Project Leads to update the Helios map files, as described on cross project list.

Then, once a babel build is available, use the pseudo translation packages in a smoke test.

Please document with a "checkmark" when done, and list bugs open as a result of the testing or, at least, a representative sample of the bugs. You should also note label of the build(s) you used.

These are some rough, preliminary, approximate instructions, from eclipse-dev list: [if anyone discovers better ones, please update here]
The answer to the discussion topic is that pseudo-translations of the Eclipse SDK 
are produced every night by the babel project builds. They are available from 
the babel project downloads page. Simply unzip the pseudo-translation pack 
into your dropins folder and startup as normal. 

1) Go to 
2) Select "Developer and Nightly Builds" at the bottom 
3) Select "babel_language_packs" 
4) Pick a recent nightly build 
5) Pick "Helios", or if you don't see it pick "Galileo"  [See NOTE] 
6) Scroll to the bottom to find the "Pseudo Translation" section 
7) Select the BabelLanguagePack-eclipse-en_AA_*.zip file 

NOTE: As of today (April 14, 2010), the Galileo stream of the babel build 
was referring to our map files in HEAD. I have fixed this, so hopefully 
in the next build you will see a "Helios" build show up. Until then, 
since the "Galileo" build is referring to our HEAD stream it should work for you. 


This Week's Results
Project Maps Done Testing Done Initials Comments
Common Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif ccc
Java EE Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif ccc - both jeetools and ejbtools maps are done
JSF Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif
Dali Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif
Server Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif AV
Web Services, WSDL Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gifWeb Services - kc - webservices map files added

Questionmark.gifWSDL - kc - wsdl map files added

Questionmark.gifJAXWS - kc - file added

JSDT Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif cmj
Source Editing Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gifXML + JSP


Questionmark.gifXSL (dac)

Smoke Test ok to promote vote = Checkmark.gif
Smoke Test do not promote vote = Fail.gif
Smoke Test Pending = Questionmark.gif

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