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(Parent bug)
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=== Parent bug ===
=== Parent bug ===
[ Provisional API bug]
[ Provisional API bugs]

Revision as of 10:10, 24 February 2012


  • Indigo report (2670 classes) Indigo provisional API
  • Juno M5 report (2617 classes) Juno M5 provisional API
    • Report searched for "provisional" and "experimental" in source comments / removed references to other "provisional" classes
    • Many deprecated classes still marked provisional
    • Many "internal" and "provisional" classes.


  • Team's and adopters will inspect reports.
  • Gather adopter usage of these api's
  • We don't want to break compatibility (namespace / package changes)
  • Team's identify and propose classes that will graduate to API in the short term(Juno M6)
  • Team's propose longer term plan for reduction (post Juno)

Parent bug

Provisional API bugs

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