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WTP Permeability and Transparency Checklist


The WTP PMC has recognized the need for all projects under its domain to actively promote the participation of the community. Such a participation is only possible if each project takes a proactive role in lowering the barriers to contribution from the community. Given the subjective nature of such a task, the WTP PMC has listed a set of concrete attributes that would serve as a measure of the ease with which a member of the WTP community is able to participate in the project. These attributes are derived from the principles of Open Source Rules of Engagement as detailed in the Eclipse Development process


A project is said to be permeable if the project team is receptive to new ideas from the community and welcomes new committers to its team. This is a measure of the 'responsiveness', 'friendliness' or 'sociability' of the project towards a participant who is not part of the project team.

A project is said to be transparent if the project team makes it easy for a member of the community, who is not part of the core team, to participate in all decisions that affect the project. The project should make it easy for a non-team member to find all the information used and the decisions made by the project team.

Communication Mechanisms

The following is a list of mechanisms for communicating about a project

  1. Source Code Repository
  2. Newsgroup
  3. Mailing List
  4. Wiki
  5. Bugzilla
  6. Conference Call

For each such mechanism, the WTP PMC will define the characteristics to be used to measure the ease of participation by a community member.


Exceeds Expectations = Icon smile.gif 
Meets Expectations = Checkmark.gif   
Fails Expectations = Fail.gif


For each of the mechanisms used by a project to communicate with the community, the following section will define the characteristics/responsibilities for each of the grades listed above.

  1. Newsgroup, MailingList
    • Activeness
    1. Icon smile.gif A project is said to 'Exceed Expecations' if it has an active Newsgroup and Mailing List with a total of 50 or more postings per month
    1. Checkmark.gif A project is said to 'Meet Expectations' if the total number of messages in its Newsgroup and Mailing List is on or above 10 postings per month
    1. Fail.gif A project is said to 'Fails Expectations' if the total number of messages in its Newsgroup and Mailing List is below 10 postings per month