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WTP Performance Tests/2008-09-08

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Revision as of 13:02, 8 September 2008 by Kaloyan.raev.sap.com (Talk | contribs) (Action items)


Gary Karasiuk
Angel Vera Y
Mark Hutchinson Y
Nick Sandonato Y
Carl Anderson Y
Kaloyan Raev Y
Raghu Srinivasan Y
Neil Hauge Y
David Williams Y


How do we proceed with the patch in bug 244986?
Has everyone identified and tried to run a single test case?


We will keep bug 244986 in WTP Releng for now. We will copy the affected org.eclipse.test.performance plugin in WTP CVS to be able apply easily more patches and experiment. Once we have a good idea what we want to change there we will suggest a complete patch to the Platform team.
We should finish with defining the initial set of performance tests.
After moving the org.eclipse.test.performance plugin in WTP CVS we will try to run the performance test procedure against a single test case. If there is a success try to expand it to the initial set of performance tests.
We should research for a best practices guidelines of writing Eclipse performance tests. Maybe not all of our performance tests are done in the best way at the moment and then don't give us the most useful picture we would like to see.
Mark promised to review the Webservices performance tests. It would be nice if all teams do the same.

Action items

David: copy the org.eclipse.test.performance plugin in the WTP CVS - both in 3.1 and 3.0.2 branches.
Kaloyan: try to execute again the performance test procedure:
  • suggest a patch that shrinks the list of performance test suites to a single test.
  • execute the performance test procedure against this single test.
  • if successful, expand the list to the initial set of tests and execute the procedure again.
All teams: review the available performance test suites if they are semantically relevant for performance tests.


Bugzilla: (performance tests) No Results for WTP Tests