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WTP PMC Defect Review

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WTP PMC Defect Review

As the end of a release cycle nears, WTP needs to add some governance in order to maintain stability and quality in the face of the upcoming deadline. To this end, a PMC review process will occur.

Important Note - The PMC Review is not an in depth technical accuracy review, but a general risk management analysis of possible benefits and associated risks of including a proposed fix.

How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate

The answers to the following bullets must be incorporated into the bugzilla entry before a defect will be considered for PMC approval:

  • Explain why you believe this is a stop-ship defect. Or, if it is a "hotbug" (requested by an adopter) please document it as such.
  • Is there a work-around? If so, why do you believe the work-around is insufficient?
  • How has the fix been tested? Is there a test case attached to the bugzilla record? Has a JUnit Test been added?
  • Give a brief technical overview. Who has reviewed this fix?
  • What is the risk associated with this fix?

How To Get a PMC Defect Fix Candidate Approved

Overview of Steps Required:

  • Developer fixes defect and attaches fix patch to the defect.
  • Developer also adds documentation about the fix and why it is a must fix.
  • Developer asks for component lead review and the component lead (or delegate) documents their review and approval.
  • Component lead then:
  • Puts "PMC" in the Status Whiteboard field.
  • Adds as a CC to the bug.
  • Adds the following to the PMC_approved flag with a "?":,,,,
This will add PMC approval flags for each PMC member and automatically send the PMC member an email.
  • PMC members review and vote. A single negative vote will reject a defect and usually a minimum of two positive votes is required for approval. It will be incumbent on the PMC to do anything possible to perform reviews within 24 hours. To see if a bug is approved, the developer can watch the associated PMC approval PHP page, which will be dynamically updated.
  • If approval is given, the developer may then release the code (tag with version and update map files) for a build.
  • If the component lead does not get 24 hour turnaround on approvals, they should send a note to with a link to the defect. (You must be a member of this list to send mail to it.)

PMC Members, How to vote

  • Instead of using a "+1" comment, you update the "pmc_approved" flag for your email address with a "+" for approve and a "-" for reject. Once the developer puts a bug in "PMC", John will add you as a CC and add your bugzilla flags as a "?", which will generate you a handy email, requesting you to approve the bug. Once the appropriate amount of approvals is garnered, John will update the status whiteboard to "PMC_approved" or if need be, to "PMC_rejected". The PMC pages are updated to ONLY look at the flags and not text comments.


Current approval candidates

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